Board meeting June 9th at 10 AM
General Meeting June 9th at 1 PM

June Demonstration Artists:
Shirley Lindgren and Wendy Wilkey
"Why Frames Matter"

MatAndFrame They will discuss everything you need to know about framing your artwork. What frames look best with what artwork, to mat or not to mat, what color frame, etc...

Big changes are coming
for ACA and its members! 

Diane Breuer is retiring and closing the Fresno Art Hub. Local artist, Ma Ly, is going to open his new gallery in that same space under the name Vernissage. Ma Ly plans to make some changes to the gallery, but ACA will continue renting the wall we currently rent from Diane.  Ma has been very enthusiastic about our presence and wants to work with us to help build up our mutual interest and participation in the gallery.  
We hope to take a somewhat new direction with our meetings and we need the membership to give us feedback on our idea. 

A vote will be taken at our June meeting.  If you cannot attend to vote, we would still like your feedback via email, private messaging on FB, or an actual conversation with a board member (!).
We are proposing changing our meetings to the second Friday of each month from 6:30 to 8:30 in the evening.  This would be an interactive, social and instructional time for our members and guests would of course be welcome.  Friday nights don't interfere with the work week schedule or schedules for other events that happen during the week.  It could be a very relaxed, enjoyable time for all who attend. Our first Friday evening would be in September after our summer hiatus.   

Let us know what you think, because we will be voting soon!  

Board Members

·        President Lillian Quashnick

·        Vice President Julie Raymer

·        Treasurer Sharon Scott

·        Director of Exhibits Diane Breuer

·        Secretary, Janice Fortney


Calendars are also avialable
at ACA.
You may also download a PDF
Calendar HERE

Fresno Art Hub
2024 N. Van Ness Blv.
Fresno, 93704
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Toll Free Phone Number:(833)222-2784

 Open 10-5 Tuesday
Noon to 5 Wednesday
10-5 Thursday through Saturday

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